Who we are



Hello, I am Janneke Hordijk, the owner of New Zealand Job Search. I migrated with my husband and five children to New Zealand in 1998, after a long and difficult process.
From this experience New Zealand Job Search was born in 2004, providing active job search assistance to migrants from all over the world.
In addition to one-on-one job search assistance that my team and I provide, my website contains lots of free information and tips for migrants and job seekers. Plus always a friendly voice on the phone or a helpful email response. My strength is know-how, my personal commitment and a never say die-attitude, and to assist my clients so that they can reach their goal, just as I did.
E-mail me: janneke@newzealand-jobandvisa.com, or visit my website, New Zealand Job Search.


Hello, I am Feija van Bokhoven, the owner of ExperieNZ Immigration Services Ltd, and I am a fully licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser and Education New Zealand Trained Agent, www.iaa.govt.nz.
My husband and I immigrated to New Zealand from the Netherlands in 2010. My personal experience of the immigration process helps me to understand the potential stresses and emotional upheaval faced by you. I understand the things you worry about, and understand the significance of your successes. I aim to make the process as easy as possible for you.

I provide a personal service with excellent communication, supplying information based on reality, honesty and integrity.
Email me: info@experienzimmigration.co.nz, or visit my website, ExperieNZ Immigration.